This police officer was totally out of control, told fellow responding officers outright.

, Kane County Sheriff's deputies received information.

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(CBS) – A carjacking led to a police chase, crash and gunfire that killed both the suspect and a Kane County police K9 in Batavia.

Apr 14, 2023 · A K9 named Rudy has died after a police activity took a deadly turn in Riverside County. . Brian Buck, DOB 6/3/1985, was arrested on the above charges.

- Law enforcement activity in Perris took a deadly turn Friday night.

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. , Kane County Sheriff's deputies received information.

Nov 26, 2019 · A man who punched a cop in Orange County was busted with a little help from a K-9, dramatic new video shows.

, Kane County Sheriff's deputies received information. Law enforcement said the money went toward training aids and supplies for the K-9 program. 33.

Vancouver police K9 takedown caught on camera Report an error. . , a man was shot by someone who tried to rob him in the Lawndale neighborhood's. . . Tony Mann, 31, walked to the back of a driveway on Washington Street in Newburgh Sunday,.


- An offender is dead and a K-9 officer was killed in the line of duty in suburban Geneva Wednesday afternoon. ⚠️WARNING ⚠️GRAPHICS CONTENT! Real Police K9 Work! A man barricaded at a Signal Hill home has surrendered after a K-9 takedown.


Kudos to this PD - This dog is STREET.



Dec 27, 2022 · A traffic stop ended in a K9 takedown in Oklahoma City.